40 ft Container side lifter trailer
Name:40 ft Container side lifter trailer
Max. lifting capacity:37 tons
Max.stabiliser outreach:3200mm
Max work range:4000mm
Overall height:2490mm
Overall width:2500mm
Overall length:1020mm
Max.pressure of hydraulic ststem:28mp
Trailer diemension:14100x2500x4100(mm)
Container:20ft 04 40ft

Product Description

Our container side lifter are constructed from ultra high tensile steel giving extreme strength. They incorporate the outstanding wide reach stabilizer leg and jibs controlled by a hydraulic system powered either from an independent diesel engine (APU), or from the tractors power take off system (PTO). The lift modules slide smoothly in or out for 20’;40’ or positions on tubular slide rails. 

1.The container side lifter can lift both 20ft & 40 ft container .

2.The container side lifter Max lifting capacity is 37tons,40 tons.

3.The container side lifter can lift container from truck to ground and to another truck;

4.The  crane can be moved forward and backward to be suitable for 20ft and 40ft container.

5.The tractor head has a PTO (power take-off ) to supply power for the trailer.

6.It can be operated by manual or  remote wireless control.

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